Life can be crazy!

You find yourself sitting behind the wheel of the car for four hours, eating food that’s not so great for you, and then finding excuses not to workout because let’s face it – it’s getting dark out there!

Time to start dusting off that bike trainer, treadmill, or even purchase a headlamp to get that ‘late in the day’ last minute workout done.  So let’s put together a Christmas List of items that would be a dream to own!

#1 – Computrainer – This is a bike trainer that can have you riding your favorite IM Bike course, fully computerized, and loaded with all sorts of bells and whistles (including powermeter!).

#2 – Woodway Treadmill –  The EcoMill is an all “green” manually powered treadmill that uses zero electricity. The EcoMill is completely self-contained and utilizes a battery back-up to power the display. The user actually generates electricity while they are exercising which re-charges the battery.

#3 – Endless Pool – Granted if biking in place, and running in place doesn’t bore you, and if you have the spare change….then an Endless Pool is your next ‘dream’ purchase.  No more gym fees (hell, you have everything at home now), and of course… more excuses!