New Strength Coach for U Can Do It Coaching Group

As you all know, I generally assign some sort of core/strength work, and this is not my strength as a coach.  So I decided to branch out and find a strength coach to help you all (especially during the off season). 

Welcome to Trish Blackwell to the coaching staff of UCanDoIt Coaching Group!

Each week Trish will be introducing a new workout schedule for you all (those of you not already doing your own brand/program) to add to your training to help develop core strength; which will help to reduce the incidence of injury and help develop more speed/power in your sport.

If you have any questions you can always hit her blot or e-mail her at

So a brief intro to her experience and her personality.  :


CPT – International Sports Science Association (5th year)

Certified Lifestyle Fitness Coach / Life Coach (DSW)

Fitness Director: Wisconsin, Chicago, Fredericksburg – in total, has overseen, trained & developed approximately 500 Certified Personal Trainers

            (Gold’s Gym, Anytime Fitness, XSport Fitness, American Family Fitness); experience with athletes of all types, from bodybuilders to triathletes and everything in between.

Fitness/Lifestyle & Wellness Blogger –

Body Image Specialist – Twitter, @trainerTRISH; Author, The Skinny, Sexy Mind: The Ultimate French Secret (awaiting publication),


PINK fanatic

FRANCE & language fanatic

American Gladiator Finalist for NBC taping (but didn’t go to filming for personal reasons)

Travel fanatic

Will race for cool prizes (santa hats, towels, t-shirts, high-fives, free food)

Woo-hoo… one has an excuse to skip core now!