Quick Hip Alignment Test

Quick – get on the floor – face down – arms out in front (Superman position).  Now raise and lower your arms/feet at the same time (Back Extensions) for 20 times as quick as you can.

Question:  Did you stay in position, or did your body start to move to one direction (like to the left or right)?

If your answer was ‘moved’ then it’s time to really focus on your hip alignment.

Why?  Because sooner or later (if not already) chances are you’ve developed a leg length discrepancy, which can cause all sorts of issues from hamstring to the Achilles.

How you ask?  Well, first you have to determine which of those pesky muscles has been over-tweaked where it will change your hip alignment.

Here is a listing below of all the muscles that attach and their movement design:

See any familiar muscles that you’ve been having issues with?  Time to start stretching and using that trigger ball!