Yes, I had to do it…..a new web-blog for Team Orange!

Welcome to the new (and hopefully) and improved UCanDoIt Coaching web-blog.  My goals for this new site is to be able to post up timely articles related to all things in the multi-sport world.

Coming up in the next few weeks we have several people finishing up the end of their racing season.  We’ve all trained long and hard, and the final rewards are just around the corner.

Some Recent Highlights

PR’s for the marathon distance for Sara Perez, Aimee Fulwider, and Joe Peirera at Steamtown Marathon.   Joanna qualifies for Worlds Long Course for 2011 at HalfMax Championships.  Erin Young reaches the podium at USAT Nationals, and Mark Brown and Craig Cantrell complete their first half IM distance event.

Molly Roohi wins the VA Tri Series….UNDEFEATED….while I come in 4th overall as well.

More to come!