What Type of Training Dog are You?

I’ve come to the conclusion that humans are really not that much different from our best canine friends when it comes to training and discipline.

First we have the ‘Jack Russell’ Type of athlete. The personality of being super excited about training, always wanting to take off here and there, straining at the leash, and generally having the attention span of a crack addict.

These athletes always end up in trouble at one point or another because they either over-train, get injured by doing too much too soon, or mentally burn-out. BUT….they are generally your most talented as well.

Then we have the Labrador Retriever type athlete. These athletes will HEEL, STAY, SIT, roll over when asked, and will even play dead with the utmost of patience. In other words they know how to listen. They pay attention to all details, ask questions, and also are very involved in staying consistent and true to the plan.

These athletes tend to find the most satisfaction in training, and will see positive results in training. They may not always be the most talented, but the generally will be the ones always finishing stronger year after year.

Then we have the Basset Hound athlete. You know what I’m talking about here! Hmmm….I’d rather eat this pizza, I’ll go workout later. Hmmm….I didn’t sleep well last night, I better nap now, and I’ll train later.

These athletes plug along, and will make progress, but never as much as what is truly possible. Mostly because they believe themselves to be like a Basset Hound. Believe it or not if you shed that image…..you can change your breed.

Granted – naps are always nice though!