Let the Games Begin!

We had some great performances today!

Escape from Fort DeSoto – Erin Young – FIRST OVERALL WOMAN!

Stafford 5k
Vicky Jasparro (don’t coach her, but she’s still on the list) – 1st Woman
Sara Perez – 2nd woman
Ruth Olson – 3rd woman
Stephanie Haydon – 4th overall
Lynne Clemo & Helena Bozarth – #5 & 6 (they both have same time – who crossed first ladies)
Kurt Wohler – 3rd AG
Henry Clemo – 2nd AG and PR by 20” – Henry, you obviously didn’t run fast enough at the marathon last weekend?

Run for Hospice 10k – Liz Carroll, PR at age of (hmm, hmmm, hmmm) 54:44, and first in AG

Rumpass Olympic:
Matt Lindsey – 2:19
Jason Santarcangelo – 2:24
Ellen Wexler – 2:32 (3rd AG – but results aren’t clear yet – so she may be higher), 12th Overall
Ken Nail – 2:32
Graeme Douglas – 2:41

Mullet Man Tri – in Florida – Don Wisniewski – made it in the top 33% of men