Some Tough Mudders!

So we had Adam Chaney as the fastest Tough Mudder in 2:15 (he was faster than several of the Seeded Athletes, and first in his wave), and then we had the Toughest Mudder Jason Jaworski who did the course TWICE!

The words out of Jason’s mouth after he explains why he did it: “I figured that if Leslie Holton could do 6 IronDistance Races back to back in consecutive days, I can do back to back Tough Mudders!”

Anyway we had some stellar performances this weekend at various events:

Buddy Blanke – 1st AG at Hickory Knob Tri

Linae Boehme-Terrana took 4 minutes off her Sprint Time (same course she’s done over and over again) and came within seconds of her 5k best time (stand alone 5k time)

Lynne Clemo snuck in a 5k run in the middle of her 16 miler today and took 2nd OVERALL…the girl is a BEAST, and Bob Mina cruised easily through the Pennyback Half Marathon.