Weekend Racing – 10/15-10/16

Great weekend for the runners, as the Tri world is starting to dwindle down to just the final IM Races, HIM and World Long Course Championships!

First, on the Collegiate MTB scene we had Emily Anthony (W&M) crowned Division II Regional Individual Champion!  Evan Fulton (also of W&M) took 4th in the Short Track Race as well as separating his shoulder playing on downhill slalom the next day.  Busy weekend for the college kids!

Donny Self even paced a tough Baltimore Marathon in 3:33, which as we all know the first half of the marathon is the easy (flat) part, it’s the final 10 miles that will kick you in the gluteus.

Spotsylvania 10k:

Molly Roohi – 1st Woman (40:41 – 7 days out from Ironman World Championships!)

Joey Hess – 3rd Male (37:56)

Ruth Olson – 2nd Woman (43:30)

Carol Krill – 1st AG (45:36)

Stephanie Hayden – 1st AG (46:18) – PR

Caren Walker – 3rd AG (55:29)

Helena Bozarth – 2nd AG (47:22)

Lynne Clemo – 1st AG (49:14)

Kurt Wohler – 1st AG (41;23)

Henry Clemo – 3rd AG (45:54)

In other 5k Races over the weekend:

Trish Blackwell – 2nd Woman (19:19

Adam Chaney – (18:55) – PR

Rob Falk – (22:39) – PR