HotMess Chocolate 15k….melted chocolate but plenty of PR’s

OK – so RAM Racing had major issues (they’ve since posted their apology/explanation) with the races starting an hour late.  Face it people, there are some things out of our control, and these poor people had some  major situations that they had to overcome.  I can only be thankful that I have never had to deal with what they did on race day.

With that being said though, everyone had a great race!

Molly – 7th Overall, 59:04/Sara Perez – PR 1:06.13/Rob Falk – 1:11.56 (PR?)/Jason Jaworski 1:14.37/Debi 1:14.46/Chris Vaughan 1:19….there were a few others out there who seemed to just enjoy the great day.

Santa Clause 10 miler – we have Beth Klawitter with a 1:31.49, and Sherry Dowdy with a 1:32.05

Running Drill:

Last month the NY Times had a video article regarding how a former world record holder in the mile had to train as he could only do so at work.  Of course this was back in the previous century, but the things he did are still valid today.

I see so many runners out there who never activate their hips when they run.  They seem to shuffle along, never accessing the muscles that actually help to become faster and more powerful.  Why is that?  Because those said muscles are weak, and generally don’t know that they are supposed to be helping the runner become more efficient and faster.

Check out our video that Coach Molly and I made today!