Every Second Counts

In a Sprint or International Triathlon, every second counts. .  Just like in the world of swimming where gold medals are won or lost, every 1/10th of a second counts more than you realize in the world of triathlon.

It could be that random thought where you lose focus, and decide to walk through the water stop.  Or the time you decide that you’ll let that person you’ve been trying to beat go past you.  It could even be as simple as a well executed flying dismount as opposed to running in to transition with your bike shoes on your feet.  Every second counts.

To excel at the Sprint or International distance races it’s really key for you to focus on all the small things.  So here are a few key things that you can work on to help make your race just that ONE SECOND faster.

  1. Work on your flying dismount
  2. Mentally practice your bike to run transition.  Staying calm and breathing is key to being as quick as possible.
  3. Learning how to run out of the water, while stripping wetsuit down.
  4. Start you run out of T2 smooth and easy.  Allow your body to find it’s natural rhythm.  Once that happens you’ll be able to giddy-up.
  5. Practice eating and drinking on the bike and run as efficiently as possible.
  6. And most importantly?  Believe in yourself, and train consistently!