Entering a new phase of life!

I’d like to congratulate Sierra Huber, one of our UCANDOIT Coaches for stepping out of her comfort zone and starting her new business!  SoJourn Nutrition and Triathlon is open and ready for business!

From Sierra:It was with much excitement that I announce the beginning of yet another journey!First off, my entire triathlon experience was created out of one word – community!  It was because of Debi that I fell in love with the sport of triathlon and being a teacher – felt it was just right to become a coach.  Debi introduced me (as I’m sure many of you can agree) to SO many things – listening to my body, feeding my body, taking care of my body…and more.  The “place” I was in at the time I met Debi was not so great!  I was so unhappy.  More than unhealthy…and BROKE!  Without hesitating, she took me under her wing, taught me the ropes, asked me to be her assistant varsity swim coach, hired me as a UCANDOIT coach and has provided me with an abundance of support.Anyone who has ever gotten to work with Debi knows that we are all TRULY lucky to had the experience!One of the best things that I learned from Debi is to NEVER stop learning.  I took risks working with other coaches but I learned from them!  I took risks applying to work for other teams and I learned from them!  Not once was there any hard feelings or jealousy from Debi.  It was all for the sake of learning and growing.With that said, I am very excited to announce that I will be growing into my own coaching journey but under my own name (or a new name, that is).  I look forward to continuing to work side by side with Debi and everyone on the UCANDOIT team and continue see you all grow as athletes and awesome humans.I am pleased to announce SoJourn Nutrition and Triathlon by Sierra J. Huber.  Offering triathlon, strength and nutrition!  Feel free to check out my webpage, it is in the VERY early stages but basically done – SoJourn Nutrition and Triathlon  and Social Media pages will be up and running soon.Why SoJourn?  Because it’s all about the journey, baby!!