Five Minute Friday

You’ve probably already spent over 5 minutes on social media today. Why not spend 5 minutes on yourself as well?

Setting aside 5 minutes a day to work on something specific that you’ve been putting off is much easier than you realize. Want to learn Spanish? Work on your gymnastic skills? How about mastering a flip turn? What about focusing on a body part? Anything is fair game!

What I want to introduce to you is ‘Five Minute Friday’ where you actually spend 5′ a day for a week on a specific task. And I get to assign the task.

Why do I get to have this power? Because I want to eliminate choice and paralysis of ‘ohtherearesomanythingsivebeenmeaningtodo’ options.

This week we will be focusing on the feet. Yes, the lowly foot. You know, that object at the end of your legs that help propel you to the toilet every morning when you wake up? Those same feet that propel you to the coffee machine? The same feet that you beat up day after day wearing crappy shoes (and even great shoes) and running/riding/jumping and all sorts of other crazy stuff on them as well.

You are going to spend 5 minutes every day this week (until next Friday when I pick out something different) working on your feet. No rules here. You can massage them with your hands, or with tools, or even get someone else to do the work for you, but you’re going to spend 5 minutes on your feet. EVERY DAY!