Five Minute Friday!

This week you’re going to spend 5 minutes a day working on the Neck and Skull! Why? Because it’s where we hold a lot of our tension, and part of where we create our posture. We sit at our desks all day, or look at our phone screens, and even when we drive we stick our heads forward like we are little turtles.

So many things can be cleared up if you can help create space in the neck, strengthening it, and relieving the tension that we create every day.

Every time someone makes you mad you clench your teeth. Do it and see how it affects your neck.

Every time you look down at your phone you shorten the muscles in the front of your neck and overstretch the back of the neck. Imagine if you stood bent over from the waist for hours, and how your back would feel?

So spend five minutes massaging all those little spots along the jaw. Along the back of the skull. Then massage along your collar bone. Look at these maps and see all the areas where you can gently massage to release pent up tension.

How the fascia in the neck affects the rest of your body
A ton of muscles that affect posture!