Take that!

A lot of us spend time trying to find approval from others. We rarely look for our own approval. We are sometimes driven to do things to prove to others that ‘yes….we can do that!’ or ‘neener-neener I can do it and I proved you wrong’!

Yes, this is how we would operate when we were under the age of ten, but for some reason as adults we can’t seem to get away from our urge to prove others wrong. We sometimes will go to extreme lengths to ‘show’ that person that you have it in you to do X-Y-Or Z. Which a lot of times we end up doing things that AREN’T what we wanted to do (think…taking that extra shot of tequila, or base jumping)

I’ll show my old coach….I’ll do an Ironman to prove him wrong. Thats he last time he’ll call me lazy.

I’ll show my Mom that I can finish things……I’ll do something really public where the price of failure can be really high (public). I’ll direct a kids race!

I’ll prove it to my old college boyfriend that I can be great at something (after he laughed at my dreams)…..I’ll qualify for one of the hardest things to accomplish, the Ironman World Championships.

To be honest, these words were just what I needed to motivate me to put my foot forward to address my weaknesses. These people made me address issues that held me back. I now believe that I am not lazy, a non-finisher, or a dreamer with no follow through.

I can say “Take that!”…..but I don’t because in truth I didn’t do it for them or to prove to them that I had what it takes. I needed to prove it to myself. I need to believe in what I am capable of doing. I may not be super successful at it, but I now know that I can accomplish anything I put my mind to doing or creating.

Too many of us take what others say about us as the word from some higher authority. We listen to those who say ‘why are you wasting your time?’ or ‘you’re going to get hurt’. What about those who say ‘I couldn’t do what you’re doing because it’s too serious’ making you feel like you can’t have fun focusing on a goal in your life.

Going to Grad School? Great! How many of your friends and family have questioned your sanity? Have you ignored them, or are you questioning your choices?

Trying to lose weight? Fantastic! How many of your friends or family try their best to derail your new goal because your hard work makes THEM uncomfortable?

These same people may actually be the ones who light a fire under you to actually do ‘that’ thing you’ve always wanted to just to prove them wrong, but always remember that you are doing it FOR YOU!

At the end of the day the only person you should be accountable to is YOU. Look into that mirror after you accomplish your goal and say……

Take that!