The Changing of the Mind

Why are people afraid to change their mind? We all know that things are always in motion and changing every day. We learn new things, we create new things, and each day is different.

What might have been true when you were 17 really doesn’t hold water when you are 50, right? Just because you could get away with drinking too much back then doesn’t mean you can still do it today.

So why do we continue to keep our minds trapped in those early years of our development? Why do we perpetuate the rules that our parents taught us (I’m talking about the ones that truly have no place in this world or in your world). How many of you had a parent say to them: “You never finish anything”, “You never turn in your work”, “You always try to find the easy way out”, and so on ad nauseam.

We become adults believing these stories that our parents (or teachers) have told us at one time or another. These little attacks on our psyche don’t have to be repetitive, but they can occur only one time while we are in a weak moment. Then we agree with them. It’s our fault. We are to blame.

And then there are the lessons we learn where we are forced (for a lot of people) to attend ‘x’ church, because this is what our family does, and no questions are asked. We are a family that votes for ‘x’ party, because that is what we do. Again, no questions asked. We are the kind of family that doesn’t tolerate ‘x’ race, sex, or whatever other spectrum is out there. This list can be endless. I’m sure that I could name a few things that I was told, and expected to kowtow to as I was growing up.

For some reason though I was always asking questions. Why? Why should I hate ‘x’ person? Why should I even go to this church, why not the other one down the road? Why should I even believe in what YOU believe in, just because you told me so?

Why should I go to this school? Why should I become this profession or that profession?

Don’t I have my own brain, and have the power to operate it?

Our current education system as directed by the government (State or Federal) seem to think that everyone should just study for specific tests. Do we even allow our kids to think anymore? I know that they aren’t really allowed to move anymore, and you wonder why kids are miserable by the time they get to high school.

My point on this is that WE ALL NEED TO ASK QUESTIONS. We need to look at our beliefs, and see them for what they really are, and are they valuable to us as a person? Are you being led by the nose by someone else’s rules, ideas, or values? Why?

Question your state of mind, and see how you can make YOUR life better. Just changing one thing can have huge implications on your life.

Just one thing… willing to change!