Energy Drinks……False sense of TRUE energy

If you are reaching for one of these (or any form of caffeine) before a workout you need to seriously think about your life choices.

Energy drinks are loaded with caffeine (I don’t care where the source is from), not to mention lots of other chemicals and substances that you probably don’t need in excess that a good healthy diet can provide for you.

Here are some basic rules for being able to workout, while maintaining a busy schedule in your life that involves work, family, and fun.

First, make sure you get adequate sleep. Sleep is so crucial to keeping hormones normal, improving recovery, and overall health. Sleep allows you to heal the body from the previous days stresses, and to be able to be mentally strong during the work day. There is no shortcut here!

Second, great nutrition is key to keeping blood sugar levels maintained, and provides key nutrients for functioning bodies and brains. If you find yourself short-cutting your diet you will find large swings in your energy levels throughout the day, which will cause you to crave foods that you know are not ‘right’ for your body. You end up on an endless treadmill of continually feeding the body the wrong food to the point where more serious issues will arise over time (type2 Diabetes, Fatty liver disease which is a form of cirrhosis, inflammation all throughout the body…just to name a few).

If you find yourself reaching for one of these drinks you need to evaluate your life at this point. Is this workout that important to you? If so, then get to bed earlier. Is there something else I can consume that will provide a better source of fuel for my body at these low points? Yes, there are plenty of other choices you can make that not only will positively affect your workout/life, but also help your body grow and progress as desired.

Get a glass of water, and take a serving of BCAA’s (without all the extra colors and flavors) in capsule form.

Get a glass of water and have a handful of nuts, or boiled egg, or even a piece of low sugar fruit (blueberries are excellent).

Eat something with a bit of protein and electrolytes….some sports bars actually provide fuel for your workout that won’t derail your goals.

The more you consume energy drink products, the more your sleep will be affected, and the long term affects can truly be harmful to your health!