Friday’s 5ive!

Short and simple this week. We’re going to put two lacrosse balls in a sock (preferably a sock that goes over the ankles). You will knot the sock at a point where you can place each of the balls on the edge of the occipital bone on either side of your skull, to lay in a nest of muscles to help untangle the neck, the mid back, the hips and the hamstrings as well. Who knows what other magic will occur as well as you work down the spine.

You will spend at least 3 minutes at the starting point (the skull/occipital area), then slowly work your way down the spine, spending at least 60 seconds at different points along the spine until you reach your tailbone. Notice where you feel the most tension, and if you hit a gnarly spot, then just inhale through the nose/exhale through the mouth until you feel it release (or not hurt so much). If you hit a spot where you feel ‘not-so-much’ then move down a bit more.